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  INTRODUCTION. Timber fences have been the traditional backyard fence in Australia for decades and although a lot of new fence materials come on the market, demand for this type of fence is still substantial.
There are now a number of options available, because there is always an urge for customers to want something different.


HARDWOOD, is the original fence material. Because it is a natural resource, it is prone to the usual problems:

Suppliers will run out off stock from time to time
Quality will vary depending on the forest logged
It is a scarce resource and price will tend to fluctuate
It is not as resistant to borers and insect attack
It is stronger and denser and will absorb less water, hence less shrinkage and twisting.Because of the extra strength of hardwood, the posts can be 5.4 m apart, whereas pine can only span 4.8 m and pine requires three rails, rather than 2 for hardwood. With all these benefits, Hardwood fences are commonly slightly dearer than Pine.

  PINE is also a natural resource, but it is purpose grown. Supply and quality are more regular and dependable. In addition it is Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treated against insect attack. The Grade F4 is suitable to be in contact with the ground. However all timbers will dry after installation and therefore they will shrink and sometimes twist. Also there is a discolouration (grey) apparent after 6 months.


STYLES. There are three basic designs:

Standard side by side palings
Lapped, where the slats overlap 10-15mm. In that way it will hide
     the gaps that will eventually appear after shrinkage takes place.

Lap and Cap. This is the same as above, but a capping runs on
     the top of the fence, protecting the end grain of the palings.

  CCA Treatment!. There has been a lot of news in the media about the possible dangers of CCA.
None of the effects have been proven.
Any alternative treatment will double the price of treated timber.
It is not banned for fencing.
If you want to know more click on the CCA brochure.

The protection levels provided by different treatment grades is:
H2 for above ground use but protected (e.g roof trusses).
H3 for above ground use but can be exposed (e.g decking).
H4 ground contact (e.g fence posts ,sleepers).
H5 ground and water contact (e.g building poles, critical structures).

  There is a new trend to install horizontal slat timber screens or fences. The timbers can be either PINE DECKING -- MERBUA hardwood -- BALAU hardwood. They can be used natural or stained / painted. A very contemporary fence.

  Do not forget to consider our convenient welded metal pre-manufactured gate frames.